What is Nonverbal Learning Disability or NLD?

A Nonverbal Learning Disability/Disorder is often undiagnosed and can lead to further difficulties. This term is also very misleading. Many times when parents are told their child has NLD, their first thought is how can that be, he/she has terrific verbal skills. That’s just it! Students diagnosed with NLD are HIGHLY verbal. The deficit actually lies in the nonverbal areas.

In many cases these children are seen as gifted at an early age due to their vocabulary, rote memory and reading skills. What shows up a bit later may be their inability to read social cues, as interaction with peers may be difficult. They may lack coordination and show signs of anxiety or depression. These are just a few characteristics, but there are many others that may present themselves.

As with any other diagnosis these students can be successful with the right intervention. These kids are honest, hard-working, goal oriented and persistent, but due to their lack or organization, loss of work, difficulty following directions, struggles with math and anxiousness, they are often seen as lazy, which couldn’t be father from the truth.

Understanding the disability and working with the school to make sure your student has the proper support, is key to seeing you child succeed. Ensuring that your child has the right environment is crucial as well. For more information and NLD and the environment go to http://www.nldontheweb.org/education/schoolplacement.html

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