The Importance of Summer Reading

Summer reading is an excellent way to keep a student’s brain engaged during the “fun and games” of the summer months. It can be extremely beneficial for special education students as well.

Many schools have required summer reading. It is often accompanied by a writing project that students will return to school with, but for those students who are not required to complete summer reading the research shows how important it is.

Research shows:

  • Students who read over the summer do better in school in the fall.
  • Students who do not read over the summer demonstrate academic loss in fall.
  • 8 out of 10 studies indicate students who read for fun outperformed those who did not.
  • Students read more when they can choose their own books.
  • Reading 5 books over the summer can prevent academic loss.
  • Summer reading loss is cumulative. By the end of 6th grade, children who do not read over the summer are two years behind other children.

What Parents Can Do:

  • Stress the importance of summer reading with your child.
  • Make reading exciting; don’t think of it as a chore.
  • Create a reading list together
  • Create a no TV or electronic game time during part of each day.
  • Join a summer reading program at your local library.
  • Let your child choose his/her own books.
  • Keep a supply of reading materials around the house.
  • Go to the library regularly.
  • Ask your child questions about the books s/he is reading.
  • Read a book to your child.
  • Listen to your child read to you.
  • Pick a favorite author or series and read all the books.
  • Listen to books on tape while traveling.
  • Model reading.


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