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How to Get a Special Education Job

Perhaps there are those out there who are currently seeking special education jobs. Possibly, you have recently interviewed and are anticipating a decision on whether you got the position. Maybe you have recently completed your graduate or undergraduate courses and are awaiting the transcripts. Or finally, maybe you are vigorously mailing out resumes and cover letters.

A point of consideration; keep your resume short, sweet, and current. The amount of time that an administrator devotes to that 1st look is approximately ten to thirty seconds. How will your resume be different and thus allow you to rise above the rest? Do you have any experience in special education or have you worked with CEC, ARC, or the Special Olympics? Maybe you have experience working with special education kids at a camp or through babysitting. All of those experiences contribute to creating an outstanding candidate.


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What 30 education buzzwords should you know and be able to use?

You should sprinkle your resume with current buzzwords (accountability, achievement, diversity, inclusive practices). Don’t overuse them, however, if they are appropriate for your expertise, it demonstrates that you are a nonstop learner and practitioner.

Make certain that you have turned in all the applicant paperwork that your school divisions need. It can hurt applicants of special education jobs if the application on the website or the phone interview has not been completed, or letters of recommendations and transcripts don’t seem to be easily accessible.

If you are intent to show a portfolio during the interview, limit it to the highlights. At this time of year, directors are making an attempt to find the most effective applicants in the least quantity of time, and your ability to focus on your best examples is a plus.

Also, don’t forget that an easy way to find out about job opportunities is thru networking — neighbors, family, friends, dropping off resumes, and making phone calls. Who can you think of and who will help facilitate your career? Mentoring may be a large part of an administrator’s calling — use your professors, teachers, or building-level personnel to assist you in achieving your career goal.

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