As a former Special Education teacher and a Director of Special Ed, I have decided to start a blog about my experiences. I spent many years at an alternative middle/high school with students having a variety of differences including ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities, emotional disturbances, brain injuries, bipolar disorders, depression, and aspergers, as well as others. Upon leaving the school, I taught at a residential facility with elementary and middle school children. The students had similar backgrounds to previous schools I had worked at. I soon realized that I really wanted to become an advocate for those families that were struggling with the schools and the IEP process, so that it was I did. But, I took it a step further and began to work as a special education tutor with students needing academic support, organizational strategies, and/or study skills.

My interest in Special Education began over 2 decades ago when I was looking for a summer job. Looking for something that seemed “easy” and did not require weekend hours, I applied at a day camp. What I did not know, was that it was a camp for students with special needs. I began as a counselor leading a small group of children with mild/moderate difficulties and fell in love! I returned summer after summer working up to master counselor overseeing several groups of campers and their staff. This love eventually led to work as a teacher’s aide in a classroom at a residential facility. I then began my general education and special education teaching certificates as well as earning a Master of Arts in Special Education.

Funny how things work! While working on my Masters, I was having some difficulties of my own and was referred by my Professor to the Special Education office on the campus to be tested. Turns out I have an auditory processing deficit. I had managed to compensate for so many years, but it had finally caught up with me and I needed additional support. I could not have asked for a better experience and wanted to share that with other families and their children.

I hope this Blog will provide you with helpful techniques, information and knowledge to serve you better in the classroom or in your home. The information is based on personal experience and information I have learned over the past 20+ years. If you would like to write about your own personal experience or have important information you would like to share please feel free to contact me. Enjoy!